The Antagonist By Lynn Coady

The Antagonist By Lynn Coady

A piercing epistolary book, The Antagonist investigates, with humor and compassion, the way the beliefs of others form, pervert, and flummox our perceptions of ourselves along with our very character. Against his will along with his character, he’s been contemplated–given his tremendous size and strengtha goon and enforcer by his classmates, by his own hockey trainers, and, at the least, by his “little, mad” father. He gamely lives up to their expectations, even before a brutal twist of fate forces him to flee underground.

Now pushing forty, he finds an old, reliable friend from his school days has released a book that borrows openly from the traumatic events of Rank’s life. Outraged by this betrayal and feeling misrepresented, he bashes his own version of the narrative in a barrage of e-mails into the novelist ranging from funny to mad to tragic. Together with The Antagonist, Lynn Coady shows each the gifts which have made her one of Canada’s most honored young authors.

Here she gives us an astonishing story of sons and moms and dads, of the benefits and betrayals of man friendship, along with a large-spirited, humorous, and also exhilarating portrait of a guy tearing his lifetime apart so as to put himself back together.

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