Textbook Of Veterinary Physiology 4e

Textbook Of Veterinary Physiology 4e

With full-color illustrations, this easy-to-follow text chooses the huge subject of physiology and concentrates on theories important to the practice of veterinary medicine. It has protection of physiopathology and clinical problem-solving techniques, making this a practical source for any practice. The book’s plausible, body-system organization makes it easy to locate specific information. This edition includes a new chapter on cancer plus a new segment on the immune system.

Expanded info on diabetes mellitus includes the culmination of diabetes, diabetic ketoacidosis, and dietary management of Type 2 diabetes in cats.

Clinical Correlations boxes – improved by 25% in this edition – reveal how principles and theories of physiology might be applied to the diagnosis and treatment of veterinary patients.

Summaries of key points available each phase, introducing new theories and assisting you to prepare for examinations.

Practice questions on the Evolve website make it easy to review for examinations or clinic by taking sample exams.

Cancer and Cell Cycle Control chapter clarifies the error of the mobile involved in neoplasia, essential background to treating and diagnosing cancer.

Immune Function section covers the normal role of the immune system and how it could be affected by autoimmune and immunodeficiency disorders, resulting in several kinds of ailments.

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