Excel 2013 Formulas

excel 2013 formulas

John Walkenbach, known as “Mr. Spreadsheet,” is a master in deciphering complicated technical issues and Excel formulas aren’t any exception. This fully updated publication provides more than 800 pages of Excel 2013 hints, tips, and methods for generating formulas that compute, creating custom worksheet functions with VBA, debugging formulas, plus even more.

Demonstrates how to utilize all of the hottest features in Excel 2013

demonstrates how to make financial formulas and tap into the power of array formulas

functions as a guide to utilizing various search formulas, working with conditional formatting, and creating custom purposes

Shares shown alternatives for tackling typical (and not-so-typical) Excel formula challenges

Contains links into this “Mr. Spreadsheet” site, which comprises all of the templates and worksheets used in the publication, and access to John Walkenbach’s award-winning Power Utility Pak.

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